Measuring Perspective
Mixed media // archival inkjet prints, mylar, box, audio

The mixed media installation takes place in a room where a soundtrack of Philip Glass from the album “Nayqoyatsi” played. The viewers' guidance occurred in the form of strips of light peaking on every side of five boxes’ lids placed in the room. The five black boxes are arranged next to each other in sequence. Upon opening the lid of a box, an image inside of a 5x7 illuminated box is placed on the bottom, glowing the entire space of the box. As part of the process, this glowing image creates the first stage (or premature) perception in the mind. The second perception occurs as the faces of the viewers reflected on the mylar placed in the interior part of the lid. The third perception (“the interactive perception”) emerges in the connection of the photo, the image in the mirror and the fragile self-reflection of the viewer. The result is a sequential triangle relationship integrates in the vulnerable yet intense condition. The black box is a metaphor of human psychological condition.

(installation photos)